Correct design of the legal site

Correct design of the legal site

The site is designed to solve the main problem and need of legal business, namely – to find clients to this business. The need for this legal marketing tool has already been recognized by almost all lawyers. However, what role does the design of the legal site play here? Why do you need it at all, when there are so many ready-made template solutions and free platforms? Let’s figure it out. The appearance of the legal site is very important. This is the very first impression that you make on the client. However, what is the actual work of a designer? In the view of most people, designers – are some “creative people” working exclusively at night, which can make the site more attractive and interesting. But in reality, everything is slightly different from this formulation.

What do you need to know about the design of the legal site?

The design of the legal site includes not only the selection of colors, fonts and images. This is a great work that begins with a detailed prototyping, scripting, legal site design concept, which will accurately select the basic and shading colors. The result of this work – the final design layout of the legal site. There is no doubts, that with this approach to design, you will get a completely different level of positioning of the site and the company as a whole. Can you imagine that the company “Apple” would make their corporate website based on a free template that they found in 10 minutes on the Internet? That is why, if you plan to stay in the legal business for a long time, you need to think about design seriously.

Why aren’t all designs equally useful?

When we talk about law firm website design, we are faced with two polar extremes – sometimes lawyers do not want to invest in the design of their site, and so it turns out to be bad, not selling, and then they also complain about it, or on the contrary, some companies invest a lot of money, but still the site does not bring customers. Let’s see why these extremes will not bring you customers, and this design will not work for your practice.

Free design templates

As a rule, such sites are not selling and do not take into account the specifics of the legal industry. In the market, we are increasingly seeing different templates, which in principle are not adapted to people. Templates are limited and primitive, and work against the image of the law firm rather than for it. Lawyers just buy such a template, enter information into it to pick up – and as you have already understood the attractiveness for the client of such a site is very small, and sometimes, even on the contrary, such a site scares away.

Cool design sites

There are also situations when lawyers and attorneys present the site of legal services as their own creative project, a space to express accumulated ideas. From here – a complex animation, incomprehensible navigation, unnecessary elements of the site and the complete absence of sales. Law firms often order sites that are liked by managers, but do not meet the demands and expectations of clients. And we must remember that the site is made for them! As a result, the lawyer invests not a small amount of money for the design, and the site as a whole, but the return is not received.

It is important for lawyers to understand that the site of legal services – this is NOT creativity, but a well thought out working tool that is aimed at obtaining new applications for services. Its navigation, design and structure should be based on observations, analysis and statistics, rather than on the personal desire of the managing partner of the law firm, only in this case, the design and the site as a whole will work and bring new clients. It is important for you to remember this even before you order the design of the site for the law firm.